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From very early in my medical career, I had a strong interest in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, which led me to research and application of therapies to my patients that reduce oxidative stress.

Since 2010, being a cardiologist in my Anti-oxidant and Life Style Medicine Clinic, I apply treatments based on the principles of the Father of Western Medicine – Hippocrates in combination with anti-oxidants and herbs from Greek nature to reduce free radicals of oxygen and inflammation.

At the same time, utilizing my 20 years of experience in the field of scientific research and Nanomedicine, I created the innovative VKL® formula as a carrier of targeted transport of anti-oxidants at the cellular level and the Nanotouche® cosmetics that contain it. The latest developments in science such as the use of specialized carriers that carry inside the skin the regenerative and antioxidant elements of herbs in combination with peptides for radiance and firming, they offer an excellent result for the care, but also the protection of our skin. That is my goal! To offer high quality beauty products for anti-aging, which are not just cosmetics. They contain all the modern development of science in the service of your own beauty.

Dr. Barbara Karagkiozaki, MSc, MD, PhD

Creator of the brand

Cutting-edge technologies

Innovative Technologies in Specialized Laboratories and high level of knowledge have been used to produce our innovative beauty products 'from the scratch'.

From inspiration to market

The inspiration and creator of the innovative VKL formula is the doctor and Nanotechnologist Dr. Barbara Karagiozaki, who took advantage of her 20 years of experience in the field of scientific research and Nanomedicine.

Anti-oxidant formula

The VKL formula with strong anti-oxidant substances such as Curcumin and Blueberry aims to reduce oxidative stress, anti-aging and rebuild skin cells.

Nature in Technology

Utilizing the beneficial properties of organic, anti-oxidant substances and herbs of Greek Nature, in combination with the application of innovative technologies, we produce high quality beauty products for antiaging.