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The Remarkable New World – Kathimerini Newspaper

The Remarkable New World - Kathimerini Newspaper

Cosmetics also benefit from nanotechnology, offering new possibilities.  “Due to their extremely small size, nanoparticles can lead to deep penetration of antioxidants. This is crucial because the cells responsible for collagen and elastin production are not on the skin surface but in the middle layer of the skin,” explains Dr. Karagkiozaki.

Conventional formulations, she points out, often fail to reach the appropriate depth for effective results. In fact, since October 2022, VK NANO, a Nanotechnology company in Thessaloniki, has launched two cosmetic products derived from organic (biological) materials found in Greek nature.  “One formulation contains curcumin from turmeric and has antioxidant properties. The second one features blueberry, along with ingredients such as green tea, aloe vera, and others. We combine cutting- edge technologies of our country with natural materials,” notes Ms. Karagkiozaki.

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